Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

greeting from the dots --- after all these years

i had stopped posting some writings in this blog since 2010, almost 3 years ago. many things happened, and many places had been visited for sure. i'm not sure why i stopped, maybe because of the laziness or because of the decrease of my writing ability. i stopped, just like that.

and now, i'm excited to start again. not alone, yay! i'm bringing my 2 other fellows to write their stories, about going to some places or about their experiences in traveling or about the food they like in new places. we'll talk about (the so called) traveling, about new places in general, and with our personal touch in particulars.

those void years. these two fellows. and a hope to give interesting perspectives to others.

we're just the dots in a map. dots that moving --- not fast, but we move little by little. until we conquer the whole map.

we'll see you soon, then. 

{the former single author}