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Blast from the Past in Melacca.


Melacca Map (Source : Google Image)

It was one of my weekend getaway. Melacca!

The most lovely impression I got from Melacca is the historical ambience! For you who are the fans of historical places, you should visit Melacca, the smell of Portuguese troops is still around.

I went to Melacca from Singapore. Easily can take a direct bus from Singapore, or may try the cheaper way by go from Johor Bahru (can be reached from Singapore by bus or train). Or if you are in Kuala Lumpur, you can also reach Melacca by bus.

I, myself, took a shelter bus to Johor Bahru from Singapore (Queen Street) with my companions, spent almost 1 hour to get to Larkin - the bus terminal at Johor Bahru. And unfortunately, the bus tickets to Melacca were sold out! So, we searched for another alternatives, such as taxi or travel car. After comparing the fares, we decided to take the travel to get to Melacca, slightly cheaper but yet it's more comfortable rather than a cab.

We arrived late in the afternoon, still have few hours to go around. Melacca is a small city, but you absolutely need a taxi to take you around. I once tried to walk around the city, from the hotel to the city center, but I found it's kinda weird since the pedestrian sidewalks is very rare, and of course the local people would stare at you strangely. So, better take a cab if you want to have a quite long trip. Or, you can take a tour with "hop on/off bus", the bus come once in every hour, but still you have to ask where is the stopping point to catch the bus. You can pay the fare directly to the driver (believe me, it's not so expensive).

The most beautiful place in Melacca (and also my favorite) is the riverbank on sunset. You should spent your sunset moment there, sit at the riverside, or hang out at one of the cafe there, and catch the sparkles of the sun at the river water. It's romantic and beautiful.

Laksamana Cheng Ho Temple

River bank

When I searched Melacca from the website, before I went there, the top topic of Melacca is its Red Church. So, I visited Red Church. And I've just realized that the area of Red Church, Stadhuys, and buildings around it, is the heart of the city. The most economic activities happen in that area. We can find everything there ; souvenirs, seafood, tourist destination place, all are walkable. Another historical site which amazed me was A Famosa, a fortress which was built by Albuquerque. A Famosa was making my heart beating faster, since it's an old site which was built in 15th centuries, and also it was really beautiful.

The Red Church

A Famosa Gate

A Famosa Fort

A Famosa

There are also another places that can be visited, such as the Maritime Museum Melacca and Stadhuys (City Hall).

One City's Side of Melacca

Maritime Museum

View of Melacca from Stadhuys

After all, I do love history, and that's why Melacca has left a footprint in my heart.

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Hotel information in Melacca, with various range of price, you can click here.
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Oh well, happy traveling! Don't waste your weekend at home. :)

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